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Income & Expenses 2021

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Income & Expenses 2021

Year Ended 31 December 2021
2020 2021
245 Reunion 3460
3071 Subscriptions and Donations 2870
117 Bank Interest 21
99 Refund – duplicate pay Designsense 0
1631 Reunion Catering 3290 *
578 Take Post Printing 578
400 Secretarial Expenses – Envelopes, Copy Paper, Ink, Postage 500
51 Printing Newsletter 140
647 Web Site Maint & System Upgrades 1257
245 Reunion Refunds 0
Flowers – Joyce Curnow 76
-20 Surplus / Deficit 510
Association Funds
11077 At 1 January 2021 [2020] 11057
-20 Surplus / Deficit p>510
11057 At 31 December 2021 [2020] 11567
Represented By
4057 Commonwealth Bank Account 4567
7000 Term Deposit (At 0.20%) Due 29 Apr 2022 7000
11057 TOTAL ASSETS 11567
* Deposits For the 2020 Reunion were transferred to the 2021 Reunion
CV Bragg, Honorary Treasurer, January 2022




Reunion Lunch

A total of 57 members and partners attended the 2021 AGM and Reunion, up from 49 who attended the 2019 AGM and Reunion – a great turnout considering the challenges of Covid and the absence of 16 “regulars”.

Subscriptions and Donations

Subscriptions and donations for the year ended 31 December 2021 totalled $2,870, reflecting the continuing support from both new and existing members and a number of very generous donations.

The number of members attending the AGM has been steady at around 50 or more over the past four years.

Subscriptions and donations received from members are important factors enabling the Association to limit annual subscription increases, to continue to underwrite the cost of the Annual Reunion, to produce and print Take Post, and to pay for printing, stationary, communication and website maintenance costs.

We have continued our policy of removing members from our database if we have not received their subscriptions for two consecutive years.

On a positive note, the addition of new members throughout the year is encouraging.

Approximately 90% of our Remembrance Group members were financial as at 31 December 2021, and all of the widows of former original service members are financial.


Reunion Catering

The Committee increased the cost of the Reunion lunch to $60 in 2020 after holding the cost of the Reunion Lunch (and membership subscriptions) at the same cost for the past five years.

The total cost of the AGM and Reunion was $4,921, which amounts to approximately $88 per head of the 56 attendees, and demonstrates the extent to which the Association continues to subsidise the event.

Unlike previous years, we have not paid advance deposits for the 2022 AGM and Reunion in 2021.

Printing Costs

With the majority of our members having email addresses and choosing to receive communications and Take Post by email, our printing costs continue to reduce.

The decision to print Take Post in full colour has been warmly received by members, albeit it is more costly than printing in black and white.

The introduction of newsletters during the year has also added to our printing costs.

Web Site Maintenance Costs

Web site maintenance costs in 2021 were almost double our costs in 2020. This reflects the fact we were required to undertake a number of updates to the software platform our website is built on, a firewall update and website backup. In addition, we registered three Domain names following the Incorporation of the Association in April 2021.

We are fortunate to continue to retain the support and services of Designsense Web Design, and in particular its Principal, Malcolm Romano, for technical enhancements and for monitoring the site throughout the year. Minor web site content updates (new photos and articles, data base amendments, web site links) continue to be undertaken by Honorary Treasurer Colin Bragg and Research Officer David McDonald.

Secretarial Expenses

These usually relate to postage and home office costs, but in 2021 included the costs ($220) associated with the Incorporation of the Association and related Domain name registration costs.

The unanimous support of members attending the AGM for Incorporation of the Association was significant, as it enabled us to retain our existing Domain name and register two additional Domain names.


The Association continues to roll over the $7,000 CBA Term Deposit, which is currently invested until 29 April 2022, at 0.2%.


2021 was a good year, particularly in terms of member support and reflects the Committee’s continuing efforts in pursuing subscription payments and a steady level of donations.

The Association continues to be in a healthy financial state at 31 December 2021, with an investment balance of $7,000 and an operating account balance of $4,567.

I am pleased to present the 2021 Financial Report for adoption by members.