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Association History

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Association History

The Regiment came into existence on 18 July 1940 with the appointment of Major J W Rhoden 2/IC 2/2nd Medium Regiment as Commanding Officer 2/3rd Lt AA Regiment. The appointment of other Senior Officers followed. At the end of July 1940, Major Rhoden was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel. The men were recruited from reception Depots at Geelong, Caulfield and Royal Park, Victoria. The recruits moved to Werribee Racecourse on 27 August 1940, where initial training was undertaken prior to embarkation in December 1940 for the Middle East.

Although the Regiment was disbanded on 14 July 1943, all three Batteries saw service with Heavy Anti-Aircraft Batteries until the end of World War II.

In June 1945 Lt Col J W Rhoden, in conjunction with members of the 3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Welfare Association, instigated the formation of a Regiment Association. A preliminary meeting was called on 9th July 1945 through advertisements in the press.

At this meeting, the objects of the Association were discussed and a Provisional Committee, consisting of Messrs WW Gilbert, NC Haines, AG Margetts, CR Speeding and H Slatterie was appointed to draft the Constitution of the Association.

The initial meeting of the Association, which attracted 65 members, was held on Monday, 6 August 1945, at the rooms of the 3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Welfare Association, 4th Floor, Champion House, Swanston Street, Melbourne to:

  • Consider and, if thought fit, adopt the Constitution of the Association
  • Elect Office bearers

Lt Col JW Rhoden agreed to be the inaugural Patron of the Association.

Inaugural office bearers were AG (Gar) Margetts (9th) President; NC (Gerry) Haines (7th) Secretary; LP (Len) Morgan (8th) Treasurer.

Other members of the inaugural committee of the Association were WW Gilbert (9th), SCG Mcindoe (7th), TH Roberts (8th), JR Bishop (8th), JMcK Hilliard (8th), FH Jorgensen (8th), CS Rosenberg (RHQ), CR Speeding (RHQ) and GR Wiley (Workshops).

Current (2023) office bearers are President and Research Officer David McDonald (son of Robert McDonald (Signals)), Vice President Gaye Berry (daughter of Ron Berry (8th)); Treasurer Ian Campbell (son of John Campbell (8th)); Secretary Malcolm Wrigglesworth (son of WA Wrigglesworth (7th)). Committee members are Lynton Rose (son of former President Clive Rose (RHQ)), Ann Bragg (daughter of former President JC Paton (9th)), Colin Bragg (son-in-law of Jim Paton (9th), Alisdair Crooke (grandson of JD Crooke (9th)), Anne Rae (daughter of former President and Secretary CJE Rae(9th)), John MacMillan (son of CV MacMillan (8th) and Sue Leidler, granddaughter of PW Stokes, OIC, 8 Battery).

Since its inception, the Association has had only six Secretaries and six Treasurers. Unfortunately, due to the loss of the Association Minute Books for the period 1952 to 1968, only fifteen Presidents can be identified, although it is likely there were others during the 1952 – 1968 period.

In 2008 the Constitution was amended to allow descendants of original members of the Regiment to become members of the Association. As a consequence of this change to the Constitution, the Remembrance Group was formed, and it is from the Remembrance Group that the current office bearers are drawn.

In 2021, members unanimously voted to incorporate the Association, which is now known as the 2/3rd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Association Incorporated.

Long-Serving Committee Members

John Hepworth (8th) 1948 to 2009 (Treasurer for 61 years)

Cec Rae (9th) 1949 to 2008 (Secretary from 1969 to 1996, President from 1995 to 1999)

Bruce Tulloch (7th) 1949 to 2002

Clive Rose (RHQ) 1946 to 1996 (President from 1951 to 1952)

Jim Paton (9th) 1949 to 1993 (President from 1968 to 1993)

Ron Bryant (8th) 1968 to 2008 (President from 2002 to 2008; Take Post editor from 1988 to 2008)

Tom Dawson (8th) 1968 to 1994

Dick Hawting (8th) 1968 to 1997

Roy Williams (8th) 1968 to 1993

NC Haines (7th) 1946 to 1973 (Secretary from 1945 to 1969)

John Campbell (8th)  1994 to 2008 (Secretary from 1996 to 2008)

Dave Thomson (9th)   Banner custodian and bearer from 1952 to 2009

Ron Berry      Honorary Membership Record Keeper for approximately 20 years until 2008.

Last updated 21st July 2023