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Secretary’s Report 2007

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Secretary’s Report 2007

From The Secretary’s Desk

If my memory serves me right, this is the 60th year the Unit has been represented at the Anzac Day’ march in Melbourne. A photo of those marching in 1946 was published in Take Post of 2002. Were you in that photo? I wonder if we will be represented in the 2012 March, I hope so.

Our request last year as to those still requiring to receive Take Post brought a quick response from 120 recipients. The responses came from members, and a variety of family members. Thank you for your response and Take Post will still come to you as long as our fingers and brain hold together! This response will save paper and postage costs.

Frank O’Toole 9th and his wife, write that they are still on the farm but no longer farming, ‘just keep the garden going and the rest tidy’. Thank you both for your letter.

Margot Warren, daughter of Jack Phillips 7th, still enjoys getting Take Post, thanks Margot. I have received many donations this year. Thank you all for that, it does keep the wheels turning at this end.

It was great to welcome Rob Bennett and his wife to our reunion lunch last April. Rob attended in memory of’ his father Max Bennett 9th. You were both very welcome Rob.

Mary Woodfield, daughter of Ken Elder RHQ enjoyed reading the article on Crete. Ken was one who travelled ‘that inhospitable road to the beach’. I’m glad that you enjoyed the read Mary.

Alec Barnett 8th wrote reminding us that it is just 65 years since 8th Battery took part in the BenghaziHandicap during which about 35 members, including Alec, were captured. Good to have a reminder Alec.

David McDonald, son of Robert McDonald Sigs writes from his home in Canberra, wishing our members well and that a reasonable number were able to march. I must say David, there were only about 8 members who marched last year, but we were ably supported by a good number of adult children of members.

David Crooke, son of the late Dale Crooke 9th, wrote to me to make sure that he still got Take Post. You sure will David. Ina McGillivray, widowof Malcolm McGillivray 8th writes that she is now housebound, that’s tough Ina, but do keep smiling, and thank you for your letter.

Esme Curtis, widow of ‘Killer’ Curtis 9th, writes to let me know that all ‘Killers’ mates have passed away and she relies on Take Post to keep her up-to-date with the Unit news. Esme sends her best wishes to Cec Rae 9th. Thank you for your letter Esme.

Daphne Block, widow of Arthur Block 9th, sent from Arthur’s ten grandchildren, a donation in Arthur’s memory. Please give our thanks to each of the grandchildren Daphne, it is much appreciated.

Jack Leaker 9th wrote expressing appreciation at receiving Take Post. It’s all part of the service Jack!!

From Kevin Grey, Sec. 2/3rd Comp AA Assoc. the regular newsletter of that Association, advising me that the sick parade is distressingly long. That seems to be the story all over Kevin, even so, it is good to get your news from Sydney.

Dan Hawkes 9th sent greeting to all the 2/3rd boys, and tells me ‘he is just hanging on the perch’, I am glad to know you can still do that Dan.

Joyce Ritchie daughter of John Hipworth, also sent a donation in memory of her dad, thank you Joyce, he will be remembered by those of us still around.

Arthur Spiller RHQ was 93 last August. Congratulations Arthur. Thank you Gwen for being the secretary and conveying the message that Arthur still enjoys getting news from Take Post.

Dick Coggins 7th, sent me the eulogy given at Col Reilly’s funeral. Thank you for that Dick.

I visited Darcy Edwards 8th during the year. Darcy is now living at Mentone Gardens Nursing Home where his wife is also living. Darcy is on 24 hour oxygen, and it was good to have a chat with him.

Edie Russell, widow of Jim Russell 7th, is still keeping the RSL at Tatura running. Edie is, and has been, the President of the Ladies Auxiliary of the RSL for some 30 years. Good one Edie, it takes the ladies to make a show go!

It was good to hear from Duncan McPherson 9th again this year. Duncan had a successful throat cancer operation in 2001, and despite having smoked 40 cigarettes a day, which probably contributed to the cancer, still has a good sense of humour about it all.

Last but not least, I had another good letter from Noosa, Bob Phillips 8th with little sight does a great job, and thank you Phyl for all the reading you do for Bob, I know he appreciates it greatly. My dining room table is littered with paper. She ‘who must be obeyed’ needs to set it ready for visitors, so I must go fornow. As I sign off, I wish you all good health and happiness.

Regards to one and all

John Campbell, Hon Sec.

The Sentry’s Log

Our Hon. Treasurer John Hepworth intends to be at Gallipoli on Anzac Day on a visit with his son and daughter-in-law, to the old battlefields. He also expects to be visiting Benghazi, Tobruk, Sollum, Alexandria and Cairo. We trust that they have a great trip.
We have asked John to let us have a story of his nostalgic journey for next year’s Take Post. Last year’s Take Postincluded a story by Isa Fellows (widow of Gordon Fellows) describing her journey to Crete. Isa read our review of the book Escape from Crete. Here are her comments on that book:

I felt that after our visit to Crete, I could follow some of Charles Jager and Ben Travers’ journey – and what a journey it was! I kept my map of Crete beside me when reading and was able to follow some of their journey but a lot of the small villages of course are not marked. What a wonderful comradeship they had and I wonder if they kept up their friendship when they came back to Australia.
The villagers of Crete were wonderful to the Australians and we owe them a great deal of gratitude. To escape twice from the Germans was a real feat and the journey from Crete to Africa an epic, due mainly to the efforts of the excellent skipper. Don’t you think it would make a very good movie? It would surpass films like The Great Escape and a lot of other War stories.’

(We recommend the book by Jager and Travers, which used to be about in paperback.)