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Secretary’s Report 2006

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Secretary’s Report 2006

From The Secretary’s Desk

Each year it is a bonus to get many letters from members, widows and other family members. Good wishes were expressed to all members of the Association, with the hope that we have a great reunion this year. This reminds me that there is a new location for the lunch on the 24th April. Do read the details on the front page and don’t miss out.

Canon (former Phil Roberts 8th) who has resided in England for many years sent a very newsy, full of reminiscence’s letter during the year. Thank you for the finance sent in notes, if it was easier that way, that is the way to do it. Yes Phil I was 84 in the April of 2005, just a fraction older than yourself.

Kevin Grey, Sec of 2/3 Composite AA regularly sends a newsletter from Sydney. Many 9th Battery members became a part of that unit. Kevin writes that his members were getting rather thin on the ground; unfortunately that is happening to all Second War survivors.

Bob Wescott 9th is not able to get out much as he is now on 24-hour oxygen. Bob sends greetings to all his mates.

Dan Hawkes 9th writing from NSW reminisces of his former mates – some passed away – CecRae, Harry Sauerberg, J. Delahunty, Jim Paton, Jack Purveso Jim Silver and Gerry Chambers, and too many more to mention.

Thank you for your letter Trixie, I am sorry to hear that your husband Keith Fryer 8th is now legally blind and his general health is deteriorating. I am sure he is in good hands. To answer your question, yes, Bluey Page is still around, Nat Ellard deceased and Pots Tinning unknown.

David Carty 9th writing from Buderim Qld sends greeting to all. David says he is ‘still a boy’ but an ‘ageing one’, aren’t we all. Join the club David!

Betty, wife of Arthur Spiller 8th reports that Arthur turned 90 in 2003. Congratulations Arthur.

Thank you John Ballantine 9th for the note sending good wishes to all the Cl gun crew. What bad luck to have your camera pinched and lose precious photos.

It was good to hear from Huck Finn 9th. The best information I can give you Huck, is that Pancho died on 1Oth December 2002. Zilla, his widow, wrote me a year or so ago to advise me, and also that she had shifted. I have her address should you wish to write to her.

Daphne, widow of Arthur Block 9th, sends best wishes, and some finances for the Association. Thank you Daphne.

Joyce Ritchie, daughter of Lt Col JA Hipworth sent a donation and expressed her thanks for all the information she gets from Take Post. Thanks for your continued interest in the Association Joyce.

Gwen, widow of Gordon Connor 7th, writing to our editor Ron, enclosed a donation, thank you Gwen. Gwen and Frank Wallis’ wife, Loyal, deceased in 2005, had been friends in WA for many years. I trust that you have settled into your new home Gwen.

Daniel Wanders, grandson of Alan Young 7th was not able to be a banner bearer last Anzac Day. We hope to see you this year Daniel.

Frank O’Toole 9th, sends greetings to old mates, he is not able to travel these days.

Ralph Hawkey 8th, enjoyed receiving newspaper cuttings of our Return to Werribee, a couple of years ago, thanks for your letter Ralph.

Alex Barnett 8th reports that his latest book Diary of a Desert Rat is in the hands of the publisher; but does not have a printing date yet. I hope we all live long enough to get to read it Alex.

Isa Fellows, widow of Gordon Fellows 8th wrote letting us know that she was visiting Crete during 2005. (See her story in this issue of Take Post.)

Graeme Hawkins, son of Raleigh Hawkins 7th, used information in Take Post as a part of his talk to his local Rotary Club’s Anzac Day meeting. This went very well and he was asked for copies of what he said. Thank you for sharing that with us Graeme and for the enclosed donation.

Margaret Warren, daughter of John (Jack) Phillips, asked if anyone could identify either Jack or Tom McNamara. Both may be in the photo on the front cover of last year’s Take Post.

Eric Maxwell, son of Vern Maxwell 8th, sent a poem written during the war by an AIF member. I’m sorry Eric, I cannot get any clues as to the author.

Once again Bob Phillips 8th, writes from Noosa, that ‘getting old is a fair bugger’. I think we would all have to agree with those sentiments, Bob! These days Bob has to use a magnifying glass then with much difficulty, and great interest, reads Take Post Because of his sight, Bob had not marched in Noosa, but last year with the help of wife Phyl, marched in memory of his Regimental mates, and those of his mates who were killed in action when he transferred to the RAAF. Bob is tempted to ‘go for it’ again this year. Don’t think Bob, just do it.

Just a few tit-bits to finish up – Dave Humphreys 7th, has had a hip replaced and another to be done.

Alan Reed 9th send his subs for the next ten years, oh boy what an optimist!

Duncan McPherson 9th, still has that beautiful handwriting.

Les Stephens 9th, celebrated 65 years of marriage. Congratulation Les!

Thank you all tor the good wishes I received early in 2005 when the angels nearly took me in hand. All is well now and I hope to continue at this keyboard for a few years yet.

Regards to one and all.

John Campbell Hon Sec.