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President’s Report 1998

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Secretary’s Report 1998

From The Secretary’s Desk

Greetings to all! It was good to receive messages from so many during the year.

From Stan Baker – “have a great re-union”.

From Alistair Dowling and his mother, widow of Bob Dowling – both of whom attended our tree dedication – “thanking the Association for the opportunity to attend, meet colleagues and talk of memories and times long ago. Very pleased that we now have a focal point of remembrance.”

Elizabeth Eager, widow of Laurence – ”always interested to receive “Take Post”.

Frank O’Toole – “Have a happy day”.

FC Scott – “congratulations to Cec Rae for his great work for the Association”.

Terry Butler – “kind regards to my old mate Cec”.

George Clucas – ”feeling my age and my legs don’t want to work”. Cliff Cullen – “Regards to Cec Rae”.

Len Morgan – “reasonably” fit, but eyes and legs a bother”.

Ern Kerr – “keeping in good health, regards to all”.

Joyce Ritchie, daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel Hipworth– “thanks for “take Post”.

Alf Brisbane, now 92 – “grateful for “Take Post”, enjoyed the story of Neil Anderson and the Dirty Thirteen. (Only seven are left now)”.

Ken Webster – “living it up at Noosa, appreciates “Take Post”.

Ron Walsh – “once again AWL from the reunion”. (Leave granted, he lives in Tasmania).

George Roberts – “awaiting visitors to Gerang Gerung!”

Blue Page did call en route to Adelaide – “Congrats to Ron Bryant and his helpers in producing “Take Post”.

Patricia Sullivan, widow of the late Keith Sullivan – “thanks for TP and regards to Griff Weatherly, his letters helped through bad days.”

Marj Mason, widow of Bill – “her grand daughter proudly wears Bill’s medals on Anzac Day”.

Jessie Esler, widow of J Esler – “sends greetings to Les Harris and best wishes to all”.

Last year’s note in Take Post about Beryl Hawkin’s grandson Simon graduating at Duntroon caused a long phone call from Ida Worsley, widow of Frank Worsley telling Beryl that Ida’s grandson Adam had graduated at the same time. Previously neither grandson knew that their grandfathers had both been in our Regiment.

Ida sends greetings to all she and Frank knew over the years. Ida keeps busy with Legacy and the RSL, and visiting her family, which is scattered around Australia.

Barry Cassidy, son of Bill – “have written of my father’s 4 ½ years as a POW.”

Rod Smith – son of the late Richard Smith wrote ” I was pleasantly surprised to see my name amongst the jottings as attending the 1996 reunion. Being with my father’s Regiment in the March was very rewarding: I will never forget it”.

David Owen – “health did not permit attending the tree dedication”.

Alan (Bussy) Read – “with memories of Joe Oddy and Dud Gillespie and their detour to Cairo when emerging from the desert”.

Harry Sauerberg – “appreciated the photo of Ink Troop in last T P”. Ted Sands was also pleased to see his photo.

RA Paul – “thanks for the informative TP”.
Greetings to all from George Rutter, Arthur McLaren, Jim Bourke, Noel Moulton and David Owens. Sick Parade – Their health is not so good but they send their best wishes – Terry Gleeson, Bert Stringer, Mac McGillivray and Hec Bird.

The Sentry’s Log

Ralph Hawkey (8) reported in from Nathalia to let us know he’s still battling on despite maladies affecting himself and family’. At the Remembrance Day service in the Nathalia Gardens, the minister of his church was the guest speaker and used passages from our book “On Target”, particularly those relating to Ralph’s experiences.

The service was delivered by St Mary’s Secondary College supported by several schools from the district, as with last year when students sang favourite old wartime songs. The Veterans were pleased to have young people of the district taking an interest.

Another example of local youthful interest in the events of WW2 was demonstrated by Ralph’s grandson Josh who prepared a school project on Grandpa Ralph’s life from schooldays on. He recounted the story of Ralph and Horry Beck being shot during the retreat from Benghazi, based on information in our book “On Target “.

Jim Bourke has left his home in Katamatite and now lives at the Pioneers’ Hospital, Numurkah. He has had minor strokes but soldiers on.

Eric Maxwell wrote to thank those members of the Regiment who helped him with information to reconstruct the diary of his father, the late Vern Maxwell of 8 Battery. If any of our members knew Vern well, Eric would appreciate you contacting him at PO Box 936, Croydon, 3136 or phone 9723 2267 (evenings please).

Neil Anderson from Murchison reports that Berney Cheong drove him and Keith Gregory to Wangaratta to the memorial service for Alf Brisbane who passed away at the age of 92 years. Neil says that Jack Cassidy, Jim Russell and Jack Keane are still about although perhaps creaking a little. As indicated by their VX numbers, all these boys joined the AIF together.