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Secretary’s Report 2024

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Secretary’s Report 2024

From The Secretary’s Desk

The major task for the secretary was the coordinating the 20th Anniversary of the Plaque at Werribee racecourse.

Unbeknown to the Racecourse management, RSL Werribee and the Association the original bronze plaque had been stolen sometime prior to Anzac Day last year and only brought to RSL Werribee President’s attention by the local Werribee police and this information passed onto the Heddle family. The original plaque had been stolen and cut into pieces for the value of bronze and cooper by a culprit, now in custody of the Werribee Police.

A replacement plaque was arranged by the Association’s committee with the assistance of Graeme Heddle through his local business community contacts. Ian Campbell (The Associations Treasurer) contacted, to arrange a replacement plaque which was placed in its rightful position where the original stood just in time, a week prior to the 20th anniversary on the 24th September, 2023.

A good attendance of descendants of the original veterans, many who had travelled far distances, along with Werribee Mayor, Susan McIntyre and councillor’s, Federal member, Joanne Ryan, RSL President, Darryl Ryan and local community families, business and organisations.

Afterwards a wonderful Luncheon at the RSL Werribee where members enjoyed each other’s company.

The Association are extremely grateful and appreciate the assistance and support of Werribee Racecourse and staff, Werribee RSL, Wyndham City Council. Funding for the replacement plaque, came from a very generous contribution by Paul Hopper, director of Paul Hopper Motor Group, a local Werribee Hyundai Dealership.

Unveiling of the rededicated memorial Plaque was conducted by committee members, Ian Campbell, Gaye Berry, Malcolm Wrigglesworth and Graeme Heddle of the Remembrance Association, followed by wreaths and flowers placed by official parties and individual family descendants.

Due to our on-line enquiry function, and the FAO page on our web site, I receive very little direct correspondence apart from a couple enquires from descendants about joining the Association.

As a consequence of becoming incorporated, we are now required to submit an Annual Statement and Financial Report to Consumer Affairs Victoria for the financial year ending 31 December, 2023. This will be provided online by the 30/6/2024, after the AGM and two committee members sign the relevant declaration.


The Association is again appreciative of the generous donations received from members. They enable us to continue to underwrite the cost of the AGM / Reunion, to maintain / improve our website, to fund any unscheduled / technical enhancements to the website and to produce, print and distribute Take Post.

Thank you to all members who have made donations throughout the year, and in particular Foster and Cathy Crooke, Dot Harris, Doreen and Janet Bryant.

The Website

During the year the website move to Content Management System (CMS) being WordPress.  The grant of $10,000 has provide a source of funds for the Association under guidance from technical support Designsenseweb, and its principal, Malcolm Romano.

Remembrance Group

For the seventh year in succession, annual subscriptions are being held at $25.00 per member.

The Association continue to remain the around the same numbers, approximately 102, of which 91 are active members. It was pleasing that we had 40 members and guests attending the 2023 AGM / Reunion Lunch.

Please remember to advise myself or Ian Campbell (Treasurer), or other committee members of any changes to your address, email and phone numbers, so we can upgrade our records, and keep in touch with further developments or events that maybe forthcoming later in the year. 

Take Post

This year’s Take Post prepared by editor Colin Bragg.

Thank you, Colin Bragg, for your tremendous effort and valuable time in sourcing wonderful articles that are headlight features in Take Post and formulating and preparing this year’s Take Post. Similarly, thank you to David McDonald for his forensic vetting to ensure dates, places, times, spelling and content from members of the Remembrance Group, are correct or added.

Thank you and kind regards to all.

Malcolm Wrigglesworth,

 Honorary Secretary.