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President’s Report 1992

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President’s Report 1992

24th April 1991 saw another successful re-union with some 125 in attendance. You may now take it that the 12 noon to 5pm timing and the sit-down smorgasbord meal will “be a permanent feature” of future gatherings.

1992 marks 50 years since 9 Battery faced up to the Japanese at Port Moresby and Milne Bay. Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find reference to arrangements to commemorate in August next, the 50th anniversary of’ the Milne Bay action.

As you will have appreciated, a colossal amount of effort wet into the production of “On Target”. “Take Post” is designed to “keep the pot boiling” from year to year and demands considerable effort by our worthy editor, Ron Bryant, in particular.

Production of “On Target” not only enabled members of the Regiment to learn of previously unknown experiences of mates in the various areas where the 2nd/3rd served, but also encouraged many to record their personal experiences with the hindsight of fifty years.

Many diaries and items of memorabilia have been forwarded to the War Memorial Museum in Canberra. Jack Henry’s model of the “Blower” (pictured in 1990 “Take Post”) has been gratefully acknowledged and added to the POW display. Les Harris’s Ensign miniature camera is in the camera cabinet of the photographic section. About 25 of Ron Bryant’s photographs taken in Tobruk and New Guinea have been added to their collection.

Many years ago, articles appeared in newspapers and the Reader’s Digest relating experiences of members of the Regiment which would make interesting reading if they could be tracked down. The unwritten history of the 2/3rd must provide plenty of material for future reference in “Take Post” and any contribution you can make will be gratefully received.

Looking forward to seeing as many as possible of you on 24th April.

With best wishes to all.

Jim Paton