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President’s Report 1995

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President’s Report 1995

On the 19th July 1940, l was seconded from a Field Artillery Regiment to join Lt Col J W Rhoden, ed, and three other artillery officers to commence the procedure of the formation of our Anti-Aircraft Regiment. Now, fifty-five years later, those of us who are left, join together at a reunion to pay homage to those who were killed or have died since. I sincerely hope that all our remaining members have kept in good health, and in respect of those who passed away during the year I send my heartfelt sympathy to their families and friends in the unit.

It is amazing how time passes – my eldest son, nine months old when the unit was formed, is now fifty-six. You would be aware that this year all Australians are asked to commemorate the end, fifty years ago, of World War 2. A big turn-up is expected for the Anzac Day March. The general public enthusiastically supports this pilgrimage – many who attend are widows, children and new Australians.

We would like all our Regiment’s men who can march to join behind our proud banner on April 25th. This call applies to not only original members of the Regiment but also to those who joined in Palestine and later. We are all equal in our right and responsibility to march because each one volunteered for whatever service was demanded of us.

By marching we assist the people’s commemoration of our friends who served but are no longer with us.

Our Treasurer: John Hepworth

The first treasurer of the Association was John Morgan who was appointed in 1945 on the formation of the Association but John had to resign shortly after as he had been transferred to the country in his banking position.

The second treasurer was John Hilliard, appointed on John Morgan’s resignation, until in 1948 a new treasurer was appointed. John then became auditor of the Association’s Welfare Fund until it was transferred to Legacy and RSL Welfare.

The third treasurer appointed was another John – John Hepworth, who has continued in the position to this date. John has been of considerable assistance to the committee, and the Association generally, with his knowledge of the commercial world as a partner in the accounting firm of Deloitte’s. Thanks John for your 48 years of service and may it continue.

Banner Bearers: Dave Thomson & Tiger Armitage

Our thanks go to Dave and Tiger for carrying our banner in the Anzac Day March each year, supported by their assistants on the ropes. May they be given the strength to continue for many years to come.

Australia Remembers, 1945-1995

The Federal Government has in hand a program to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of World War 2. This program includes:

  • $10 million to restore war memorials in Australia
  • A collector coin release featuring Sir Edward Dunlop.
  • An Australian flag for use by Associations.
  • Grants for the writing of unit histories.

The Association is 50 years old this year.

Quoting from the committee’s report for the period 6th August 1945 to 31st March 1946

In June 1945 Lt Cot J W Rhoden, in conjunction with members of the 3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Welfare Association, instigated the formation of a Regiment Association. A preliminary meeting was called on 9th July, 1945 per medium of advertisements in the Press.

At this meeting the objects of the Association were discussed and a Provisional Committee, consisting of Messrs W W Gilbert, N C Haines, A G Margetts, C R Speeding and H Slatterie was appointed to draft the Constitution of the Association.

Let us keep soldiering on, to retain the comradeship forged during the war, as long as possible.

In conclusion, I wish to thank all members of our Committee and indeed all members of the Association for your support during my two years as President. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at our Reunion and at the Anzac March.

Bert Baglin