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President’s Report 1994

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President’s Report 1994

A year older and a few less members! It’s sad to read of the passing of our mates, but time marches on and we’re all getting older. So this is inevitable.


I would like on behalf of members of the Association to mention the sterling effort of our late President, Jim Paton, who served on our Committee since 1949, and was President for 25 years – and to pass on to his family our deepest sympathy. Jim was an original member of 9 Battery. He remained with the Battery throughout the war including the period when 9 Battery joined 6 Heavy A.A. Battery as part of the 2/3rd Composite A.A. Regiment.

We have a new Life Member. Clive Rose, who has worked for the Association since its inception as Committeeman, with terms as Vice-President and President, and who welcomes members at the door for every re-union. Clive, you have earned the honour.

Until I became President, I was not aware of the amount of behind the scene work our Hon. Secretary puts in to our Association – thanks Cec Rae.

We have only to read “Take Post” to assess the efforts put in by Ron Bryant, Editor of the newsletter.

I am pleased to have this opportunity of thanking members of the 2/l2th Field Regiment Association and in particular Max Parsons, Editor of the Regiment’s history “Gunfire” and of their Association’s Newsletter Take Post for their assistance. When the printer of our Newsletter folded up his business just prior to our publication date in 1993, Max Parsons and his wife Linda set up our Newsletter entirely with their own personal computer. We then commissioned their printer to re-produce it. Some explanation of both newsletters being titled “Take Post” is necessary.

The 2/l2th Association has been turning out its Newsletter since 1942. Blissfully unaware of this, we published our first Newsletter in its current format also entitled “Take Post” in l988. We have continued to use this apt title for a gunner’s newsletter as the 2/12th kindly made no objection.

We hope to be able to continue using the title unless we can determine another appropriate name for our own newsletter. We should also mention that the men of 2/l2th Field Regiment were comrades-in-arms with our men of the 8th Battery during the Siege of Tobruk and of the 9th Battery in Borneo. Their Regiment’s history – “Gunfire” is a splendid story of service and gallant actions in many areas of World War 2.

We acknowledge the assistance given by Ron Berry of Beaumaris in keeping up-to-date our computerised mailing list and providing the addresses for despatching “Take Post”.

To the members of 7 Battery and indeed the Association, I should mention that I represented them on Crete day at a memorial service at the Greek Orthodox Church followed by the service at the Shrine.

Mal Webster (7) who met me at the Shrine went on to the Cretan Club to represent us at the Commemoration dinner.

It seems hard to believe that l4th July 1993 marked 50 years since the disbandment of 2/3rd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment as such. Most remaining members went on to serve in other anti-aircraft units or in other spheres. After half a century it is good to have so many of us keeping in touch by means of the Reunion and our newsletter.

It is pleasing to report that from the proceeds of sales of our history “On Target” since l987, donations of $1,150 each have been made to Legacy and to RSL Welfare, a total of $2,300. The remaining surplus helps to finance our Association’s activities.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all members of the Association for the honour bestowed on me as Patron and President. I look forward to seeing many of you at the Re-union and trust that we will have many marchers behind our banner on Anzac Day.

Bert Baglin