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Association Minutes

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Ordinary Meeting Minutes

The Ordinary Meeting Minutes record the discussion and decisions taken at meetings of the Association Committee held between the Annual General Meetings. Only office bearers elected at the Annual General Meeting attend Ordinary Meetings, as distinct from the Annual General Meetings to which all members of the Association were encouraged to attend.

Sadly, the records of the Ordinary Meetings held after December 1951 and prior to March 1987 have been lost. The Committee used to meet on a monthly basis in the early years following the establishment of the Regiment Association, and the minutes were often no more than a single typed page. Over time, Ordinary Meetings were reduced to a bi-monthly basis, until the late 1980’s when Ordinary Meetings were reduced to a single meeting usually held some two to three months prior to the AGM.

Of the Minutes held by the current Committee, the Minutes of meetings up to December 1951 were typed, the Minutes of meetings between 1987 and 1997 were hand written, and since 1998 the Minutes have been produced on a computer.

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Annual General Meeting Minutes

Until 1988, the Annual General Meetings were conducted separately from the Annual Reunion. The purpose of the AGM was and is to present a report of the activities of the preceding year to members, to present a financial report and to elect and/or to re-appoint office bearers for the following twelve months. Issues discussed at the AGM usually relate to proposed amendments to the Constitution, the date and venue of the Annual Reunion and financial considerations such as annual membership fees.

Since 1989, the Annual General Meeting has been held immediately prior to, and on the same day, as the Annual Reunion – generally on the 24th April.

At the 2009 Annual General Meeting it was resolved that future Annual General Meetings and Annual Reunions would be held on the Saturday prior to ANZAC Day.

Where they have been available, Annual General Meeting Agendas and Annual Financial Reports have been included as separate documents.

As is the case with Ordinary Meetings, many of the minutes and reports from the Annual General Meetings are missing from the Association archives.

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