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Secretary’s Report 2001

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Secretary’s Report 2001

From the Secretary’s Desk

Again, during the past year many members and kinfolk have dropped me a line about a variety of subjects. Here are some snippets:

To Robert, son of Doug Simson: Maybe Ron Bryant could use some of those interesting photos taken by your dad? Keith, son of John Purcell, sent greetings to Les Harris.

Patricia Kelly advised the sad news of the death on April 30, 1998, of her husband EIIis Kelly aged 87. Terry Gleeson advised the deaths of WR Waddell and M M Shying.

Jan Hammond, daughter of Noel Moulton, advised us that Noel is comfortably installed at the Murchison Nursing Home. While Ted Sands wrote to say that he was on a life support machine

Roy McLaren questions whether our Unit received sufficient recognition for the part that the Regiment played in World War Two.

Edie, wife of Jim Russell, reports that Jim is now in a nursing home and just ‘hanging on’. Keep hanging in there, Jim!

Joyce Ritchie, daughter of John Hipworth, enjoys getting Take Post. So say all of us!

Arthur Spiller (RHQ) finds the personal notes interesting and enjoyed last year’ s article “Lake Boga at War “. The “Guess Who ‘ gunner on page 5 of the last Take Postwas none other than Arthur Spiller!

Jack Harker sends greeting s to Cec Rae, Choco Carmichael, Darkie Paterson and the Coghlan Boys. Jack is regularly in touch with Keith Wilson and also wonders if Jasper is still backing winners?

Had the usual epistle from George Roberts – Bluey Page called in to see George on his way to Adelaide And Frank O’Toole apologised for not being able to attend Reunion 2000

Werribee 1940: Don Coghlan talking to David Carty, “Bloody hell, how, did that thin, young kid get here – would have had to cook his age I bet!” He was referring to no other than our editor, Ron Bryant.

Ralph Hawkey is now in a hostel at Cobram near to his wife who is in a nursing home. Ralph is finding it comfortable and easier than farming!

Jack Leaker who joined the Regiment in New Guinea in 1943, enjoyed “On Target” and appreciates Take Post each year.

Esme, widow of Killer Curtis now deceased, advises that the visit to the annual reunion was the highlight of Killer’s year.

Sam McLaren, grandson of Jack Dunn, advised that Jack requested that the Unit colour patch be on his coffin – this was done.

Alan Rundle sends greetings to all his mates but just can’t get to a reunion.

My thanks to all – cheerio until next Take Post.

John Campbell, Hon Secretary