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President’s Report 2007

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President’s Report 2007

Hearty greetings to members of our Association and to your families in the 67th year since our Regiment was formed.

We are pleased that we have been able to book the Naval and Military Club again for our AGM and Reunion lunch on the 24th April. It is very suitable for our purpose, being located at 27 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, in easy walking distance of Parliament Railway Station, and of trams in Collins and Bourke Streets.

Do come and enjoy the outing at this subsidised lunch at this first class venue. Dress-jacket and tie please! See the enclosed booking slip and return it to John Campbell as we must have a firm booking.

Hon. Secretary John Campbell has had a few setbacks but fights on. Our thanks go to him, to Hon. Treasurer John Hepworth (60 years in this job!), to other members of the committee and to Ron Berry who maintains our computer records essential for keeping the show going.

Last year we asked our members to indicate those who still wished to receive our Newsletter Take Post, as we realised that some would no longer require it. About 120 wished to remain on our mailing list, so we will try to keep it going for the time being.

I remind our correspondents that we require your newsy items or contributions. If you notice one Battery or another getting the most coverage, that is because that Battery is sending more material. We record again our best wishes to the men and women who have been representing Australia in conflicts, peacekeeping and policing abroad and to our firefighters who have been sorely tested for long periods.

I hope to see many of you at the reunion and Anzac March.

You will see a Notice with this Newsletter that carers will be welcome at the reunion. There is also an important Notice on ‘LOOKING AHEAD!

Best wishes for 2007.

Ron Bryant