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Secretary’s Report 2022

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Secretary’s Report 2022

Welcome to members and guests to the 2022 AGM and Reunion Luncheon.

On Anzac Day 2021, we become an Incorporated Association under the auspices of Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Due to our on-line enquiry function, and the FAQ page on our web site, I receive very little direct correspondence (i.e. letters / phone calls), but one was received from Graeme McIlveen, son of Gordon McIlveen, NX23382, 9 Battery –see Sentry’s Log for details – an article in next year’s Take Post ??.

Another recent enquiry came from Don Malcolm in Northern Queensland, whose property was an army training ground (including the 2/3rd 9 Battery) during WW2. Using a metal detector, he has found several 2/3rd service tags. Don has been referred to Research Officer David McDonald to follow up— more to come!

We have recently provided updated contact details to RSL Victoria as part of our membership (one of 207 members) of the Kindred Organisations & Unit Associations, which operates under RSL auspices—it is the primary link between the RSL Anzac Commemoration Council (ACC) and individual Unit Associations.

As a consequence of becoming incorporated, we are now required to submit an Annual Statement and Financial Report to Consumer Affairs Victoria for the financial year ending 31 December 2021.

It is interesting to note that despite Covid the Association incurred a very small ($20) loss in 2020 and a small ($510) surplus in 2021.

For the fifth year in succession, annual subscriptions are being held at $25.00 per member.

The passing of John Campbell in November 2021 represented the end of an era—John was the last (known) surviving original member of the 1,935 men of the 2/3rd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment.

With the election of new Committee members Gaye Berry (Vice President), Ian Campbell (Treasurer) and Alisdair Crooke at the 2021 AGM, the Committee is taking the opportunity to examine our processes, particularly in regard to the organization of the AGM, our member data base and communications with members.


The Association is again appreciative of the generous donations received from members. They enable us to continue to underwrite the cost of the AGM / Reunion, to maintain/ improve our website, to fund any unscheduled / technical enhancements to the website and to produce, print and distribute Take Post.

Thank you to all members who have made donations, but in particular to Foster & Cathy Crooke, Dot Harris, Doreen Bryant, Jeanette Tilney and Alan Donelly.

The Web Site

The Association’s website is closely monitored by Colin Bragg and David McDonald. As a consequence of the Association becoming incorporated in 2021, the Association has been able to register all three domain name suffixes—that is:, and
We may need to consider replacing the Open Source Language we use (Joomla 3) with Joomla 4 in 2023 or 2024, or move to another Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, HubSpot, Magento or others.
We continue to receive excellent technical support from Designsenseweb and its principal, Malcolm Romano

The Remembrance Group

We continue to have approximately 90 active financial members. It was particularly pleasing that 57 members and guests attended the 2021 AGM / Reunion Lunch. It was particularly opportune we were able to celebrate the late John Campbell’s 100th birthday with him.

Regards to all—Malcolm