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Secretary’s Report 1989

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Secretary’s Report – 1989


Good news! We now have a W.A. Branch. The main office – bearers are President Gordon Connor, Vice President Ian Grieve, Hon. Secretary Gordon Fellows, Treasurer George Howat and Auditor Theo Fitzhardinge. Committee members are Mrs. Isa Fellows, Mrs Beris Sleigh and Charles Sleigh. Twenty gunners and ten ladies attended the inaugural meeting. Clive Rose (RHQ) and his wife Phyl attended the next meeting, were warmly welcomed and gave helpful advice.

A banner is being made by members to march behind on Anzac Day. Lunch meetings, ladies included, are planned for the year ahead. News of some of our gunners we left in the West follow:

Good golfers are Theo Fitzhardinge, Jim Moyes, Alan Rowe and Bob Vansittart.

Many are bowlers, the most fanatical being Allan Cook and his wife Daphne. They spend so much time at Rockingham Bowling Club that it’s necessary to write for an appointment if you wish to call on them.

Norm Anderson and Evelyn converted their tennis court into a vegetable garden and have fine flower gardens. Norm’s friend takes the grapes from his vine on the pergola to make a modem version of jungle juice which tastes like furniture varnish.

Gordon Fellows and Isa, with 4 wheel drive and caravan, search the goldfields for that elusive metal, with detectors. They don’t let on how much they get or where they get it in case they push down the gold price. Apart from gold, Gordon seeks fish at Wambro Sound.

Wally Parkinson delves back into the history of his forbears. He’s back as far as the Norman invasion. Arthur Harper, not content with playing his part in World War 2, heard the bugle blow for the Korean War. He fronted up again and served with 3 Battalion, RAR. Presently he is much involved with his RSL Sub-Branch.

Good soldiers battling on are:

Keith (Flame-thrower) Dyer, has had a couple of strokes, is paralysed down one side, but still drives a car with hand controls.

Jack (Nap) Croft has had an operation for tummy ulcers but is OK at present. Nap lost his wife a few years ago, but has a fine family who keep an eye on him.

Harry Harper gets treatment for emphysema.

Cliff Scott and Charles Sleigh have both had problems but stay on parade and attend meetings.

Lost in the West are Barry Buck, Billy Glatz, Jock Mentiplay, Mick Parnell and Vic Sharp. If found, will they report in to Gordon Connor, 6 Exton Place, Spearwood, 6163.

Haven’t heard of him in ages!

ALEX BARNETT (8) – retired pharmacist, now at 2 Hassal Street, Port Macquarie, N.S.W 2444. (Telephone: 065-820-609)
Has boat, goes fishing – would welcome old friends.

SYD HAMBLING (RHQ) has had a stroke, and would like to see old friends. 187 Forest Road, Orbost, Vic, 3888

Apologies to members who submitted other stories, which we hope to produce later. Meanwhile, send any further news to the Editor.