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Secretary’s Report 1991

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Secretary’s Report 1991


Charles Kruger (8) had a major operation last year but with plenty of determination, in his old athletic style, came up at the 1990 re-union in good form.

Jim Bourke (8) now lives in Katamatite, Vic., since he retired some years ago from farming. Sadly, Jim lost his wife in January this year.

Bert Cox (8) had a bad tum with illness, but fought back and is in fairly good shape again.

Whereabouts, or what happened to Norm Littler? If you know, please contact Peter Jensen, 399 South Street, Samson, WA, 6163, Tel. (09) 3375767.

One of our men had occasion to visit another of our old gunners recently, by appointment. On arrival at his mate’s place he found the gunner with his digger hat on, brim turned up neatly at the side, with his service rifle at the slope ready for action. After smartly presenting arms, they agreed that we 70 year olds should have been going to the Gulf War as we oldies had a shorter time span to risk losing than the young men!

What happened to the men transferred to:

  • The 109 Anti-aircraft Regiment September 1942.
  • The 121 Aust Light Anti-aircraft Regiment March l943.
  • The 235 Light Anti-aircraft Battery October 1942

Could anyone please let us have the stories?

South Australian members of the Regiment!

There is a 2nd/2nd A.A. Regiments Club (S.A,) If you wish to make contact, attend a re-union, or to march on Anzac Day, get in touch with Jim Allen, 9 Strathspey Avenue, Hazlewood Park, S.A. 5066, (Tel. 379 l876).

Good to hear that Stan Baker (8) is still going strong _ now living at Tweed Heads, NSW, and he may get to our re-union. Stan mentioned that Artie B. (Crash) Hillman is living at Bridgewater (Vic). Bill hasn’t been crash hot lately, but we hope to see him at future re-unions also. Bill sold a two-stroke motorbike to the gunner who used to let his girl-friend drive the bike while the gunner rode pillion. The gunner must have liked the position to take that risk.

Tom Hill 7th Battery died July 1990. At Tom’s funeral at Yarra Junction on the 12th July, Roy East was asked to speak by the family. He referred to his long association with Tom from the day at Werribee when Tom starred as full forward against Roy in a football match.

Later, they shared experiences as P.O.W. and especially during the long winter forced march before the advancing Russian forces – an association concluded at the graveside.


How many members of the Regiment met their wives as a result of the army service? Les Harris, who caught up with a former gun-crew member Laurie Brown (7 Bty) and his wife on a recent visit to Adelaide’ was interested to learn that Laurie’s romance blossomed when, on his return from the Middle East, he was billeted at the home of Shirley’s parents in Paradise.

There were many more marriages in Perth of course, which accounts for our strong troop in that fair city.