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President’s Report 2004

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President’s Report 2004

Hearty greetings to all of our members who are lucky enough to be still on their feet and mobile in the 64th year since our Regiment was formed. Best wishes to any who are not so active. Our 2003 Reunion at Air Force convention centre was successful despite the further decline in numbers. About 40 members and a few related guests attended. The hot lunch and drinks served in the attractive dining room were of the usual high standard.

We are most fortunate to have this accessible and comfortable venue. The Anzac March was remarkably well attended by well-wishers in good weather. It was pleasing to have a couple of men with us who had not marched for some time; but our numbers were still down (about twenty members marched).

We were supported by some family members, including descendants of Mal Webster (in strength), of Maurie Prideaux and of Alan Young, together with a few friends from other units.

The Drum Band of the Caulfield South School marched near us. We were not quite up to British Guards Regiment’s standard, but the drums, when they had the right beat, enabled us to look better than a troop of guerillas. We passed the Eternal Flame at attention and looking quite good.

Time is running against us, so if possible, join your mates at the forthcoming Reunion and Anzac March. We want to postpone the day when we might have to merge our banner with others.

The leader of our Regiment is now selected by our Committee from those who have contributed time and energy to our Association, and who in fact, can march. This year, our Hon-Secretary John Campbell and Bruce Tulloch have been invited to lead us.

For many years our newsletter “Take Post” has been set up by Max Parsons, long-time editor of the 2lI2 Field Regiment newsletter (also named “Take Post”).

In past years the newsletters were printed by the offset process, which gave high-class reproduction. Last year, “Take Post” was still set up (photos and all) by Max but reproduced by photo-copier machine. The edition was well received so, with a cost saving of a couple of hundred dollars, we will continue to print our magazine by the photo-copier.

A highlight of our year was the kind invitation by the Committee of the Werribee Racing Club to our members, who had commenced their training at Werribee Racecourse in 1940, to attend the unveiling of a memorial to our Regiment, and to dine with the Committee. At fairly short notice we collected about thirty members, with some partners, to make the visit. An account of the day’s outing, as written for “Mufti”, appears in this issue of “Take Post”. We were honored by the Club’s permanent Memorial and Plaque, and by the hospitality of the Club and the Werribee R.S.L.

I appreciate the letters I have received with good wishes and news from many widows and members.

My thanks go to Max and his wife Linda who have assisted me with the setting up of “Take Post” for 13 years, and to Ron Berry who has been keeping our computer records of members for 15 years.

To John Hepworth, Treasurer, to John Campbell, Secretary and to Committee members: congratulations on the administration of our Association

On behalf of our Association, I record our admiration and good wishes to the men and women of the services who have been so ably representing Australia in conflicts and peacekeeping abroad in the Anzac tradition.

In this “Take Post” you will find some stories of our men. Many of you would remember other events of interest, of bravery or humour, which should be on record. Let me have them before it’s too late!

I hope to see you at the Reunion and March.

Ron Bryant