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Air Defence Luncheon May 2012

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In February 2012, the Association was contacted by Captain Michael Squire, the instructor in Gunnery for Ground Based Air Defence in the Royal Australian Artillery.

Apart from teaching the many technical and tactical aspects of Air Defence, Captain Squire also delivers instruction on air defence lessons gained from historic battles. The history lessons are largely focused on missile engagements and radar emission control; as a result, the majority of lessons focus on Israeli and American experiences.

He was seeking to inject a greater emphasis on understanding the lessons learnt in battle by Australian Air Defenders.

Captain Squire advised he was about to commence instruction for four recent graduates of the Duntroon Military College, and sought to organise a meeting between himself and his four Lieutenants and some of our veterans, especially given that the 2/3rd LAA Regt had such marked battle experiences across many campaigns of WW2.

Captain Squire promised would comprise some very very receptive Duntroon graduates at the beginning of their own voyage in Air Defence.

On Saturday 5 May 2012, Captain Michael Squire and Lieutenants Prue Connell, James Easton, James Nguyen and Sam Rynne met with John Campbell (8), John Marshall (7), Cec Rae (9) and Ian Rutter (7), President Lynton Rose, Secretary Colin Bragg and Ian Rae for lunch at the Wine Cellar at the RACV City Club.

The company, conversation, food and facilities was excellent and a great afternoon was had by all who attended.

The photographs tell the story.