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2018 Annual Reunion

The 2018 AGM and Reunion Lunch will again be held in the Bourke Room, located on the second level of the RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne, at 11.45 am on Saturday 21 April 2018. 

A two course plated lunch with salads and including wines will cost members $50 and non-members $55.  

The Association continues to significantly subsidise the actual cost of the Reunion lunch from its accumulated funds.

2017 Annual Reunion

Sadly, only 34 members attended the 2017 AGM and Reunion Lunch, a significant reduction on the number of attendees in recent years. The Committee is conscious that nearly 20 of our "regulars" were apologies for the 2017 Reunion, and look forward to meeting them again at the 2018 Reunion. The RACV has advised us that if less than 45 members attend the AGM / Reunion, there will be an additional cost associated with the use of the RACV facilities.

2017 Anzac Day March Arrangements

Despite directions from the ADCC, those members who attended the 2017 Anzac Day March were able to march together directly behind our Unit Banner.

Should you require any clarification of the items discussed above, please ring Honorary Secretary Malcolm Wrigglesworth on (03) 9726 0803 or Honorary Treasurer Colin Bragg on (03) 9592 1642.

2017 Annual Newsletter Take Post

The 2017 issue of 'Take Post' is available for viewing on our we site.   

For those members who have not already provided email addresses or who may have changed your email address, please advise the Secretary, Malcolm Wrigglesworth, on (03) 9726 0803.

2017 Annual Reunion

Photos taken at the 2017 Reunion and at the ANZAC Day March may be viewed on our web site under Photo Gallery, Annual Reunion and Photo Gallery, Annual March.

Call For Old Records

The Secretary is always pleased to receive copies of old records, documents and photographs which may be in the possession of former members of the Regiment or the descendants of former members of the Regiment.

Of particular interest would be copies of the Minutes of Ordinary Committee Meetings between 1951 and 1987 and copies of Annual General Meeting Minutes between 1951 and 1968 and between 1973 and 1984.

Of equal interest to the Association would be copies of the quarterly "Regimental Bulletin" first produced in 1946 and continued at least until 1956 (and probably later)

If you are the wife, son or daughter or grandchild of an original Regiment member, and if you have any old manilla folders relating to the 2nd / 3rd filed away at home, perhaps you could browse through them to see if there are any items that may be of interest to the Association.

Last updated 6 June 2017