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Werribee Group

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Werribee Group

Food Supply Group

Ready To Move, Palestine, April 1941

Recreation Nedlands WA 1942

Relaxing In The Middle East

Rest Day, Nedlands, 1942

Ron Bryant & Friends, Colombo, 1941

Ron Bryant, Frank Hands, Barry Butler 2006

Scottie Quinn, Charlie Heddle, Ted Lewis

Sergeant Roberts Gun Crew 1942

Sgt Neil and A/Lt Walter Rule

Sidi Birani Group July 1941

Tel Aviv Lunch Group 1941

The Dugout, 1941

The Kitchen, 1941

Tobruk Group in tin hats

Tobruk Group, 1941

Tobruk Group, 1941

Tobruk Group, 1941/2

Tobruk Gun Crew 1941

Unidentified Group

Roy Centre Front

Unidentified Group

Unidentified Group

Jim Centre Front

Unidentified officer with John Purcell


Wadi Ouda Group

Waiting For A Lemonade, Syria, August 1941

Walter Rule Observing Gun Drill

War Gunnery Training Group 1944

Werribee Group

Werribee Group

Werribee Group

Working Party, Nedlands, 1942

Ern Cope (right) and Mates

Ern Cope and mates

Ernie Kerr & Frank Seaton

H Bird, M Bird, B Boothby, C Rae

Geraldton Group, 1942

Goup Photo, Syria, August 1941

Group In Lebanon, September 1941

Group Inspecting Breda

Group of cooks

Group on HMS Kelvin

Group On NSW Border

Group Outside Walter Rule’s Tent

Group Photo

Group Photo

Gun on Derna Customs Building

Home in Wadi Ouda

Ink Troop Mascot, December 1941

Jack Curry (left) with bags of oranges

Jack Curry Gun Crew

Jack Curry, Unidentified, Don Cleveland

Jack James, Alwyn

Jacobson’s Bofors C1

Jim Grice & Walter Rule, Syria, September 1941

Jim Paton Group

Jim Paton, Cec Rae and mates

John & Bob Campbell, John Bright

John Purcell Group with fishing nets

John Purcell Group

John Purcell Group

John Purcell Group

John Purcell Group

John Purcell with unidentified others

John Purcell, Clive Rose

Lae Group 1943/44

Lunch Group In Tel Aviv

Lunch Group

Mascot “Inky” and Friends

Middle East Group 1941

Middle East Group

Middle East Group

Middle East Veterans Group 1941

Milne Bay Group, 1942/43

New Guinea Group Digging A Well

On The Canal

Palestine Group 1941

Palestine Group June 1941

Palestine Group June 1942

Palestine Group, 9 March 1941

Palestine Group, 29 March 1941

Palestine Group

Pyramid Group

2nd / 3rd Teachers

7 Battery Group Photo

8 Battery Group

8 Battery Group

8 Battery Group

8th Battery Group

9 Battery Cooks, Milne Bay, 1942

9 Battery Group With Local Children

9 Battery Group

9 Battery I Troop HQ, November 1941

9 Battery Members Studying A Map

9 Battery Sergeants, Palestine, 1941

12 Detachment

A Break In Breaking The Camp

After A Route March

Albert’s Unit

Bayonet Drill Group

Bill Waller, Len Woolcock, Mal Webster 1941

Bill Waller, Len Woolcock, Mal Webster 2001

Blume, Ellery, Harris, Charters

Bodycomb, Roberts, Read, Gay

Buna Fishing Group

Buna Gun Crew

Camel Group

Colombo Street Scene, February 1941

Colombo Street Scene, February 1941

Columbo Group 1941

Columbo Group 1941

Cope Ern and Mates

Cope Ern and Mates

Derna Group

Derna Harbour Group 1941

Desert Group May 1941

Desert Group May 1941

Desert Group

Desert Group

Desert Group

Dick Davis & Bert Runnells

Dunleavy House, Perth, 1942