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Sunbathing On The Rocks

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Sunbathing On The Rocks

VX 250lb Bomb

Unknown Group Tobruk Sep 1941

Training On Heavy AA Gun

Tobruk Harbour

Tobruk Gun Crew 1941

Tobruk Group, March 1941

Tobruk Group, March 1941

Tobruk Group Sept 1941

Tobruk Group Photo, October 1941

Tobruk Cemetery

Swimming Parade

Swimming Beach Tobruk

St Francis Church Tobruk

Shelling Near Pilastrino

Sgt Whitely Crew

Sgt Sitlington Crew

Sgt Richards On 3 Tonne Truck

Sgt Richards Gun Crew

Sgt Richards Gun Crew

Sgt Richards Gun Crew

Sgt Richards Crew With Breda Gun

Sgt Gallaghers Crew

Sgt Courtney Lt Harry Major Stokes

Sgt Butler Ammo Box Oven

Plane Spotting 2

Plane Spotting 1

Mobile AA Unit 2

Mobile AA Unit 1

John Campbell House

Italian Amo Dump

In Action Tobruk 1941

Gun Maintenance

Frank Washbourne With Crashed Stuka

Fig Tree

Evacuating Italian Prisoners

Entrance To Forward HQ

Emergency Landing Ground

Dummy Post Above 9 Div HQ

Destroyed German Aircraft

Crews Quarters

Crater Near Rear HQ

Chinese Checkers

Cave Dugout

Captured Breda Gun

Breda Gun In Action, Tobruk, 1941

Boys With Light Tank Crew

Bomb Crater Tobruk

Bob Campbell Cutting Geoff Tebbutt’s Hair

Bill Tom & M Prideaux

Bdr Roberts Crew

Bdr Roberts Crew Gun Pit

Bdr Palmers Relief Crew

Bdr Moyes Relief Crew

Bdr Grimwade Crew

After A Raid

Abandoned Italian Field Guns