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Lawrie & Ted Brown

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Lawrie & Ted Brown

Jack Curry, Tel Aviv, April 1941

Jack Curry doing his washing

Jack Curry Memorial Plaque

Jack Curry with Sir Edward

Jack Curry and Jack James

Jack Curry In The Ladies!!!

Jack Curry

Jack Curry

Jack Curry (left) and mate

Jack Malone

Jack Malone







Sgt JRB Grice At The Temple Of Bacchus

Padre Dawes

McIlveen, Gnr In Training

McDonald, RW (Bob) December 1940

Margetts, AG Capt.

Mann, Jim and Purcell, John

Lt LB Archer, Milne Bay, 1942/43

Lt David Stanley Humphreys

Lionel Finlayson, Nedlands, 1942

Lindsay Lukies

Leahy, Bill and Lowe, Alan

Knight, John and Myers, Snowy

Knight, Bill and John

Kerr, Sgt. Bayonet Drill

Kerr, Ernie

Kalgoorlie, WA 1942

Dave Humphreys Commissioned

Davis, Lin Capt. In Jerusalem

Davis, Lin Capt.

Donaldson, JL Lieut.

Dyer, K Lieut.

East, Roy

Edwards Bob, Toy Fred

Emmett, Rex

Ern Cope and Gerry Saunders

Ern Cope and Gunner Harris

Ern Cope on Guard Duty

Ernie Kerr at Pearce, 1942

Ernie Kerr, Geraldton, 1942

Evely, Tom

Everlyn, Ray and Le Marshall, Jack with Said George

Everlyn, Ray In Coburg

Everlyn, Ray In Jungle Greens 1943

Felsted, Tich

Finlay Huck

Fitzhardinge, DB Lieut.

George Garratt

GH Mitchell 9 Battery

Greenwood, Gnr.

Guest, GC Lieut.

Guy, WH VX57285

Harold Dickinson

Harris, Les (on right), Ten, Dickie

Harris, Les and Bartold, Paul

Harris, Les and Dickie, Palestine

Harris, Les and Middleton, WA 1943

Harris, Les

Harris, TJ Lieut.

Harry, RV Lieut.

Hawkey, Ralph and Bryant, Ron

Hawkey, Ralph Article

Hawkey, Ralph

Hayes, Gavan and Camel Train

Hayes, JA Major, RMO

Heddle Charlie

Hipworth, JA Major

Humphreys, Dave in Cairo

Jack Curry with bags of oranges

Albert Cope

Albert Cope

Albert Cope

Aldridge AN, NX154775

Allan Lowe

Allen Shorty

Allender Peter

Anderson Harry, Rae Cec

Anderson Johnnie

Baglin BA Capt. 7 Battery

Bartold Paul (right) and Harris Les

Berry Ron and Campbell Bob

Bill Leahy, Allan Lowe – Geraldton, 1942

Bill “Shorty” Allen, Geraldton

Bird Max

Block Arthur Aged 18

Block Arthur Aged 81

Bryant Ron, Palestine 1941

Bryant, Ron 1941

Bryant, Ron with Hands, Frank and Butler, Barry

Buntz Jack Having A Bath

Campbell John Sgt

Christie Jack

Clarke, ‘Snakes’

Coggins, R Lieut.

Cope Ern and Mates

Cope Ern In Palestine

Cope Ern In Palestine

Cope Ern Overlooking Jerusalem

Cope Ern with camel

Cope Ern with donkey

Cope Ern with locals

Cope Ern

Cope Ern

Cope, Ern Montage

Courtney Jim, Bdr, MM

Courtney Jim, Bdr, MM

Courtney Jim, Harry RV and Major Stokes

Cowie Jim

Cowie Phil

Croft, Jack Doing The Washing

Crooke, JD Lieut.