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Aussies In French Uniforms

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Aussies In French Uniforms

German Stalags

German Stalags

Group In Camp February 1944

Group In Camp June 1943

Group Outside Barracks, May 1943

Group Outside

Irish POW’s disguised as Aussies

Jim Devine and Rol Tonkin, September 1942

Karl Koska, September 1942

Kartie Staff, January 1942

Kartie Typists, September 1942

Lager Staff, March 1942

Lager Staff, Stalag XIIIC, August 1942



Law Rolling and Rol Tonkin

Law Rolling, Rol Tonkin, July 1942

Law Rolling, Rol Tonkin, Karl Koska

Marcel Gagnierre and Rol Tonkin, September 1942

On The Promenade, January 1942

Outside Rol Tonkin’s Office, July 1942

Padre John King

Richard (Dick) Beams

Robert Gibrat & Rol Tonkin September 1942

Rol Tonkin and Law Rolling

Rol Tonkin and mates, August 1942

Rol Tonkin and Roy Hamilton, April 1943

Rol Tonkin and Sgt. Alvin Vinson (USA)

Rol Tonkin and unidentified friend

Rol Tonkin Outside Camp, May 1943

Rol Tonkin, December 1942

Rol Tonkin, Karl Koska, Mick Don, February 1942

Rol Tonkin, May 1943

Rol Tonkin’s Stalag Office, September 1942

Rolstyn Tonkin 11 June 1944

Rolstyn Tonkin, 7 Battery

Roy Hamilton and Rol Tonkin, December 1942

Roy Hamilton, Rol Tonkin, Jock Ritchie

Roy Panitz Photo

Stalag XIIIC

Unidentified Group Germany 1944?

Victorian Basketball Team, May 1943

Victorian PoW’s, August 1942

Victorians In Stalag XIIIC, May 1943

Warrant Officers Stalag XIIIC May 1943

Xmas Menu

Xmas Menu

Xmas Menu

Xmas Menu

Xmas Menu

Arnold Pendrill, Rol Tonkin

Australian Lager Staff, October 1941

Australian POW Group

Australian POW Group

Australian PoW’s, Stalag XIIIC, March 1942

Australians disguised as Irish

British Crew 11 June 1944

British Group In Camp

Camp Humourist

Dick Tanner and his band

Dick Tanner’s Band (part)

Escape To Switzerland

Escape To Switzerland

Escape To Switzerland

Escape To Switzerland