Regimental Bulletin 26 July 1946

IN THE BEGINNING…………………………..


Editor’s Note: Several decades before former President Ron Bryant initiated the first issue of “Take Post” (in 1988) as a means of communicating with members, the Association produced a “Regimental Bulletin”. Amongst the various files and folders I inherited on becoming Association Secretary was one particularly dog-eared folder containing ten “Regimental Bulletins” produced between July 1946 and March 1956.

Dates on the “Bulletins” indicate they were initially produced on a quarterly basis. Sadly many are missing from the period 1946 – 1956 in my custody, and I have no idea whether they continued to be produced after March 1956. They are an important part of the early history of our Association, and should anyone have any more of these little gems, your Secretary will be happy to assume custodianship of them. The very first “Regimental Bulletin” is reproduced in part for your information and entertainment. In due course, all ten in my possession will be uploaded to our web site.




President:                  MR. A. G. MARGETTS                                                      Secretary: MR. N. C. HAINES

                                                                                                                                                Sun Insurance Buildings,

                                                                                                                                                MELBOURNE. C.1

                                                                                                                                                26th July, 1946


Dear Blokes,


We have had numerous requests for a bulletin containing the latest GG concerning our activities and our members - so here goes!


Since last writing the Regiment foregathered at an Anzac Eve re-union. We had a muster of 300 members. Ballarat Bertie was present, through the good offices of the Coghlan Brothers, and added to the evening’s entertainment.                  The ear-bashing was terrific. A few talented members attempted to give items but their efforts were drowned in the din. We were very pleased to have present some whom we had not been able to contact directly; at the same time, we were disappointed at the absence of some we had confidently anticipated would be present.


We have heard that in Murchison and Mildura the chaps have been having a few informal “get togethers”. This seems an excellent idea for country members and, if any would be prepared to take on the job of organizing similar gatherings in their own districts, the Secretary would be only too pleased to supply a list of members in those districts.


Don’t forget that the Association exists for the service of its members, and if there is any way in which we can assist either yourself or a member you know to be in difficulties, please let us know.


At the last meeting of your Committee it was decided to hold a dance during Show Week. The time was chosen with a view to enabling our country members to attend. Details for a really good night are now being arranged and we will forward full particulars very shortly.


The question of holding a Smoke Night at Cup time was also under consideration. We would appreciate a few opinions from members on the subject.


Here are a few personal notes, which have come to hand: -


LEST WE FORGET! With deep regret we have to report the passing of LAW ROLLINGS (ex 7 Battery). A large number of his comrades attended the burial.


HAP HAP HIPPY makes good. The original OC 7 Battery is the first member of the Regiment to gain political            honours.

Congratulations, John!


The original Treasurer of the Association, LEN MORGAN (8 Bty) is back in Melbourne after banking in the bush, where he contacted many fellow members.


DANDENONG BOOMS. The BOOMER is making daily trips to Dandenong to uphold law and order in that hamlet. Get stuck into them John!


BRAB LOCKWOOD (9 Bty) can be seen raking in the shekels at the Royal Bank Branch of the E.S.& A. Bank. After his prodigious efforts at balancing the Canteen funds at SIDI BARRANI, he is finding banking easy.


With a tinge of shame, the Committee has to confess that their Secretary, JERRY HAINES (7 Bty) has recently become a grandfather. He still appears to be in full possession of all his faculties.


ERIC ALLPRESS (7 Bty) has gone to FIJI on the staff of C.S.R. We hope he contacts LES MARTIN (7 Bty) who has also gone to FIJI to exploit the natives.


A few of the fellows who learned the rudiments of mechanics at the expense of the Regimental MT have now started on the private motorists. CYRIL HULSE (RHQ ‘TIFFY’ has opened up a garage in Albury. GEORGE BODYCOMB (9 Bty) hangs out his sign on Point Nepean Road, Highett, while his bosom pal “Clicker” ANDERSON (9 Bty) who owns half of Cowes, numbers a garage amongst his other interests.


An effort was made to contact BOB DOWLING (9 Bty), GEORGE SPILCKER (7 Bty) and JIMMY NOLEN (9 Bty) who had been at 115 A.G.H. Unfortunately, they had been transferred to 106 A.G.H. at Bonegilla. We are sure these chaps would appreciate a letter or better still a visit from anyone in the locality. We all wish them a speedy recovery.


The addresses are VX38265 SGT. NOLEN, J.P., VX38265 PTE SPILCKER, J. G., and VX32345 WO2 D0WLING, R.G. All At 106 A.G.H. BONEGILLA.


FRED GORMAN (9 Bty) has been for some months at Caulfield Military Hospital. We feel sure that he would be very pleased to see any of his old mates.


We presume that TED WELLSTED (9 Bty) is now a house-owner as he has not been wingeing in public for some time"


John Forbes (8 Bty) has taken sufficient time off from his medical studies to produce his second. He was talking of twins but couldn’t quite make it.


The Mildura contingent which arrived for the first reunion was not in evidence on Anzac Eve. We hope that their enthusiasm has not dried up like their fruit. They can’t have dried up completely because word is to hand that KARL KOSKA (7 Bty) and ROL TONKIN (7 Bty) have both produced gunners.


SCOTT ROBSON (7 Bty) is skinning ‘em alive at COOTAMUNDRA.


ALAN RILEY (the CROW of RHQ) is catching Murray cod at LEITCHVILLE. Evidently this is more profitable than catching snakes.


The “Workshops” will be interested to hear that GEORGE WILEY is taking an active interest in the Association.


MICK PETERS and DAN TOOHEY were spotted at the ANZAC reunion. We would welcome news of the whereabouts of other ‘Sigs’.


Please send to the Secretary any items of news for inclusion in the next Bulletin.


The mailing list is being built up gradually but if you know of anyone not receiving letters from the Association please assist by supplying the name and address. The object is to bring every man who served in the Regiment within the Association.


A few members have not paid their subscription for the current year. It would be appreciated if these members would forward the 5/- involved to the Secretary as soon as possible.


Yours sincerely,


On behalf of the Committee, N.C. HAINES, Secretary.