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New Association President And Secretary

After six years since the descendants of former Service members assumed responsibility for the management of the 2 /3rd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Association, President Lynton Rose, Secretary Colin Bragg and Treasurer Ann Bragg advised the members who attended the 2014 AGM held on 19 April 2014 that they were either stepping down or reducing their current roles.

As a consequence the Association has elected a new President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Anne Rae, daughter of former President and Secretary Cec Rae, was elected as the first female President of the Association, and the second descendant (after retiring President Lynton Rose) of an original member to be elected as President.

Malcolm Wrigglesworth, son of WA (Bill) Wrigglesworth, was elected as Association Secretary.

Retiring Secretary Colin Bragg was elected to the position of Association Treasurer.

Despite stepping down from office bearing positions on the Committee, all retiring office bearers will continue to be members of the Committee.

Vice President Matthew Heddle and Association Research Officer David McDonald will continue in their current positions, with David assuming responsibility for responding to enquiries received through the Association web site.

At the 2021 AGM, Graeme and Matthew Heddle resigned from the Committee, and Colin Bragg resigned as Treasurer. 

Gaye Berry (daughter of Ron Berry,8 Battery), Ian Campbell (son of John Campbell, 8 Battery) and Alisdair Crooke (grandson of Dale Crooke, 9 Battery), were elected at the 2021 AGM

Ian Campbell was elected as Treasurer of the Association.