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Greece / Crete Veterans' Database

Greece and Crete Campaigns Veterans' Database
Seeking veterans or their descendants of the WWII Greek Campaign and/or the Battle of Crete for inclusion in an online data base, which currently contains 200 names. The aim is to enable the war stories of these veterans to be told online.

Contact Neil DonohueThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Source: Vetaffairs magazine, Summer 2013).

Association Research Officer's note: Neil Donohue, whose father-in-law served in the Crete campaign, is active in promoting the memory of the campaign, the men who served there, and the people of Crete who sheltered them at great risk to themselves.

Information that Neil has gathered has a prominent place in the excellent 2010 book by Maria Hill: Diggers and Greeks: the Australian campaigns in Greece and Crete, UNSW Press, Sydney.