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Air Defence Luncheon May 2012

In February 2012, the Association was contacted by Captain Michael Squire, the current instructor in Gunnery for Ground Based Air Defence in the Royal Australian Artillery.

Michael informed us that he was soon to commence instructing young Lieutenants, recently graduated from Duntroon, prior to entering their first command as Air Defenders.

He was anxious to inject a greater emphasis on understanding lessons learnt in battle by former Air Defenders, and "given that the 2nd/3rd ALAA Regiment had such a marked experience across many campaigns of WW2, I should very much like to focus on their battle experiences"

Captain Squire asked whether it would be possible for a number of his Lieutenants to meet and talk to some of our veterans in May 2012.

The Association was delighted to be able to respond positively, and accordingly a luncheon was arranged at the RACV City Club on 5 May 2012.

Representing the Association were John Campbell (8th), John Marshall (8th), Cec Rae (9th) and Ian Rutter (7th).

The Royal Australian Artillery was represented by Captain Squire and Lieutenants Prue Connell, James Easton, Jimmy Nguyen and Sam Rynne.

Also representing the Association were President Lynton Rose, Secretary Colin Bragg and Ian Rae.

Each of the veterans was presented with a Bofors shell as a memento of the occasion and all present greatly appreciated the opportunity to share each other's experiences.

The venue, service and the food was excellent and there was no shortage of conversation during the more than three hours of the luncheon - the photos in our Photo Gallery provide clear evidence of the success of the afternoon, which we trust may be able to be repeated.