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The Association is grateful to former Regiment members and their families for allowing us to obtain electronic copies of their private photograph and document collections. The custodians of the many hundreds of photographs, now uploaded to our web site, have encouraged us to make them accessible to our members and others through the web site.

In particular, we would like to record our thanks to former Presidents Ron Bryant and Cec Rae, former Secretary John Campbell, Dot Harris (daughter of Les Harris), Barry and Bill Stokes (sons of Major Phil Stokes), Dianne Schubert (daughter of Ern Cope), Ray Everlyn, Alan "Bushy" Read, Keith Purcell (son of John Purcell), Eric Maxwell (son of Vern Maxwell), Frank Hands, John Marshall, Jenny Welsh and Jill McKenzie (daughters of Jack Curry), Gwen Tonkin (widow of Rol Tonkin) and the late Roy East.

Our thanks also go to the Australian War Memorial for allowing us to use the photographs of the Chevrolet lorry / Breda gun combination now on display at the AWM.

Finally, our thanks go to the authors of those articles printed in 'Take Post', for their permission to use the photographs which accompany the articles.

We apologise for the quality of some of the photographs, which is a consequence of the size reduction required to fit the photographs into the viewing window.