President's Report 1998


Despite the number of our comrades who have left us, attendance at the 1997 reunion reached 92 which is about the usual number.

The March was also well attended but as decreed by the unit associations only ex-service personnel were permitted to participate. In my opinion the younger generation should be welcomed to the March, as it is only through their interest the March will continue to remind people of the destructiveness of war.

If you agree with this view then it rests with you to express your opinion to your RSL sub-branch in order to influence the thought of Unit representatives.

Beside an upright Simon Poplar Tree at the Shrine of Remembrance a plaque commemorating the battle honours of the Regiment, was unveiled by me and dedicated by the Staff Chaplain, Southern Region. Reverend Des Lowe. 

The ceremony took place on May 4, 1997 on a very wet day. The ceremony was excellently organised by John Campbell.

On September 5, 1997 the Royal Australian Air Force Association organised a splendid ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance commemorating the Battle of Milne Bay, 1942.

Griff Weatherly and I, accompanied by our wives, were the only representatives of 9th Battery which was a pity as it was a beautiful day. Lunch was enjoyed at 4 Cromwell Road, South Yarra. The ceremony is set for around the 5th day of September each year, but it is necessary to check with the Air Force Association on (03) 9826 8573.

My thanks go to the Committee and office bearers for their work throughout the year, and it is with regret I note the death of Dick Hawting who gave many years of service on the Committee. 

Ron Berry has once again assisted Ron Bryant in producing and distributing "Take Post". Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Come to the Reunion. There will be someone there who will be pleased to see you.

With good cheer,

Cec Rae