At the Annual General Meeting of the Association, held on Thursday 11 October 1984, it was resolved:

That a History of the Regiment be compiled.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Association, held on Thursday 10 October 1985, it was resolved;

(i) That a sub-Committee be formed, consisting of Messrs. C Rose, CJE Rae, L Harris and R Bryant, to write a history of the Regiment, Mr CJE Rae to be the convenor of meetings which are to be held at regular intervals;

(ii) That a bank account be opened with the State Bank of Victoria to be titled 2/3 Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Association History Account for the receipt and payment of monies in connection with the compilation and publication of the Regiment History. Any expenses of the sub-Committee in compiling the History to be re-imbursed through the convenor;

(iii) That further investigation into the cost of publication be deferred until compilation of the History was near completion. Present indications were that the cost of a book to the purchaser would be in the range of $30 to $40;

(iv) That a copyright be taken out on the History;

(v) That a letter be forwarded to all members of the Regiment, widows and children of deceased members of the Regiment, whose addresses are known, informing them of the intent to publish a history of the Regiment and attaching thereto a form on which they can register their interest in purchasing a copy of the History, and their interest in subscribing to a fund to assist in financing the publication of the History. No amount to be indicated on the form as to the approximate cost of the History. The letter to be sent out no later than the date of dispatch of the Notice of Reunion for the Reunion of 1986.

Reports were received from Messrs. Harris, Bryant and Rae on what progress had been achieved to date.

The 347 page book, setting down the history of the Regiment and called 'On Target', went on sale in March 1987 at a cost of $29.00. All 1,000 copies were sold within two years.

The cost of researching, compiling and publishing 'On Target' was entirely funded from Association resources and book sales.

It is a meticulous and comprehensive account of the formation, training and activities of the Regiment from its formation in July 1940 until the disbandment of 9 Battery in December 1945.

Compiled by Les Harris (7th), Ron Bryant (8th) and Cec Rae (9th), it provides detailed accounts of the three Batteries which comprised the Regiment, as well information relating to the Signals and Workshops Sections attached to the Regiment.

The book also includes a list of honours awarded to members of the Regiment and a Nominal Roll of all the members of the Regiment.

From time to time, the book has been advertised for sale on military history web sites - usually for several times its original sale price.

Modern technology has enabled the Association to digitise 'On Target' and make it available in a downloadable format - either in separate sections or as a whole book.

The digitised version of 'On Target' is now available for viewing on the Association's web site.

These pages relate to the provision of information regarding forth coming activities of the Association such as the date and venue of the Annual General Meeting and Annual Reunion and details relating to the ANZAC Day March.

The page is also a means by which information received from or about individual members of the Association is communicated to members and others.

A PowerPoint presentation, prepared by Anne Rae [daughter of CJE (Cec) Rae, 9th Battery] was displayed for the first time at the 2010 Annual General Meeting and Reunion Lunch.

The presentation comprises approximately 140 slides, many of them being a selection of the almost 900 photos gathered from original Regiment members and/or their families as an integral component in the development of the Association's web site.

The presentation depicts the formation, training, personnel and operational activities of the Regiment between July 1940 and the disbandment of the 9th Battery on 19 December 1945 (7th and 8th Batteries having been disbanded in September 1944).

It also includes a selection of photographs of post war ANZAC Day Marches, including two rare 1946 ANZAC Day photographs, Annual Reunions and other activities following the formation of the Regiment Association in July 1945.

The PowerPoint presentation was uploaded to the web site prior to the 2011 Annual General Meeting and Reunion Lunch.

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Resolutions to incorporate the Association and to adopt proposed Rules of Incorporation were adopted unanimously at the 2021 Annual General meeting.

The official name of the Association is now 2/3rd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Association Incorporated, which has been registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Incorporation was required in order for the Association to retain its registered Domain Name ( The Association has also registered and, both of which point to


The 2023 edition of Take Post was again produced in full colour and has been uploaded to our website. 

 All prior issues of Take Post from 1988 onwards are available for viewing on our web site


The 2024 AGM and Annual Reunion Lunch will be held on Saturday 20 April 2024 at the RACV City Club. 


We are pleased to welcome Sue Leidler (granddaughter of Major Phillip Stokes, OIC, 8 Battery) as a new member of our Committee. Major Stokes was responsible for the development of the mobile Bredas - captured Italian Breda anti-aircraft guns mounted on the trays of Chevrolet trucks.


The Secretary is always pleased to receive copies of old records, documents and photographs which may be in the possession of former members of the Regiment or the descendants of former members of the Regiment.

Of particular interest would be copies of the Minutes of Ordinary Committee Meetings between 1951 and 1987 and copies of Annual General Meeting Minutes between 1951 and 1968 and between 1973 and 1984.

Of equal interest to the Association would be copies of the quarterly "Regimental Bulletin" first produced in 1946 and continued at least until 1956 (and probably later)

If you are the wife, son or daughter or grandchild of an original Regiment member, and if you have any old manilla folders relating to the 2nd / 3rd filed away at home, perhaps you could browse through them to see if there are any items that may be of interest to the Association.

Last updated 21 July 2023