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Our Committee

The Association is managed by an Executive Committee of nine nominated and endorsed members, and comprises the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Research Officer and up to four other members.

In addition to the Annual General Meeting and Annual Reunion Lunch conducted on the Saturday prior to ANZAC Day each year, the Committee generally meets in February and October.

Issues requiring decisions between meetings are managed on an informal basis by way of email and telephone communications amongst the Committee.

The Constitution of the Association was amended at the 2008 AGM to allow descendants of original Service members of the Regiment to become members of the Association and to assume office bearing positions.

Since 2008, the Association has been managed by the descendants of original Service members.

Current office bearers are:

Office Name Details
President Anne Rae Daughter of CJE Rae (9th), Secretary 1969 - 1996, President 1996 - 1999, Committee 1949 - 2008.
Vice President Gaye Berry Daughter of Ron Berry (8th) - elected to the Committee in 2021
Secretary Malcolm Wrigglesworth

Son of WA (Bill) Wrigglesworth (7th). Malcolm was elected to the Committee in 2014.

Treasurer Ian Campbell

Son of John Campbell (8th), Secretary 1996 - 2008. Ian was elected to the Committee in 2021

Take Post Editor Colin Bragg Son-in-law of JC (Jim) Paton (9th), President 1968 - 1993, Committee 1949 - 1993. Secretary of the Association from 2008 - 2014. Colin was Secretary from 2008 - 2014 and Treasurer from 2014 - 2021.
Research Officer David McDonald

Son of Sgt. RW (Bob) McDonald (NX30633) (Signals), and a member of the Committee since 2008.

Member Alisdair Crooke

Grandson of Captain JD Crooke (VX45985). Alisdair was elected to the Committee in 2021.

Member Lynton Rose Son of CS (Clive) Rose (RHQ), President 1951 -1952, Committee 1946 - 1996. Lynton was President of the Association from 2008 - 2014.
Member Ann Bragg Daughter of JC Paton (9th), President 19658 - 1993, Committee 1949 - 1993. Ann was Treasurer of the Association from 2008 - 2014.
Member John MacMillan

Son of CV MacMillan


All members of the Committee, with the exception of David McDonald who resides in Canberra, live in Melbourne.

President Anne Rae and Secretary Malcolm Wrigglesworth were elected to their current positions at the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 19 April 2014.

President Anne Rae has produced a 150 slide Power Point presentation of the Regiment / Association, initially shown at the 2010 AGM, and which is now accessible throughout the web site - click on "Powerpoint Presentation" on this page.

Secretary Malcolm Wrigglesworth is responsible for communication with members, and in conjunction with Treasurer Ian Campbell, for the organisation of the AGM. 

Colin Bragg has co-ordinated the production of the Association's annual newsletter, "Take Post" since 2008.

Committee member David McDonald acts as the Association's Research Officer, and responds to enquiries received through our web site.


Last updated: 29 January 2023