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2nd/3rd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Association






In June 1945, Lt Col JW Rhoden, in conjunction with members of the 3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Welfare Association, instigated the formation of a Regiment Association. A preliminary meeting was called on 9th July 1945 by way of advertisements in the daily newspapers.


At the preliminary meeting, a Provisional Committee comprised of Sergeant WW Gilbert (9th), S/Sergeant NC Haines (7th), Major AG Margetts (9th), Gunner HN Slatterie (8th) and L/Sergeant CR Speeding (RHQ), was appointed to draft the Association’s Constitution


The initial meeting of the Association, which attracted 65 members, was held on Monday, 6 August 1945, at the rooms of the 3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Welfare Association, 4th Floor, Champion House, Swanston Street, Melbourne to:


Consider and, if thought fit, adopt the Constitution of the Association

Elect Office bearers


Lt Col JW Rhoden agreed to be the inaugural Patron of the Association


Since its adoption in August 1945, very few changes have been made to the Constitution, with probably the most significant change being made at the AGM of 24 April 2008, which enabled descendants of original members to become members of the Association.


At the 2015 AGM, and primarily because of logistics, Clause 16 was amended to enable former President Lynton Rose and former Treasurer Ann Bragg to continue to be cheque signatories.


Other amendments to the original Constitution have related to the size of the Committee, the timing of the Annual General Meeting, the timing of Annual Reunions and the Financial Year.


The current Constitution of the Association is as follows:


2nd / 3rd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Association






1. The name of the Association shall be “2nd/3rd Australian

Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Association”.


2. The aims and objects of the Association shall be:

(a) to preserve the memory of fallen comrades;

(b) to enable members to retain the friendship made on service;

(c) to arrange any functions and social gatherings as may be decided on by the Association;

(d) to extend practical assistance where possible in cases of distress among “ex-Regiment” men;

(e) to actively co-operate with kindred Associations in promoting and safeguarding the interest of returned personnel generally;

(f) to establish sub-branches of the Association in such places as may be recommended by the Committee and accepted by a majority of Members at a General Meeting;

(g) to support and assist the activities of the 3rd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Welfare Association in all respects.



3. The following shall be eligible for membership of the Association:

(a) any person who was on the posted strength of the Regiment or

attached thereto, such as personnel of Medical, Pay, Postal,

Workshops, Signals, Catering, Chaplains, Amenities and


(b) any person who is a relative of the above person who was on

the posted strength of the Regiment, the term ‘relative’

meaning wife, widow, children and any further descendants.



4. For the purpose of this Constitution the “Regiment” means:

(a) 3rd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (raised in July


(b) 2nd/3rd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (prior to August, 1942);

(c) 2nd/7th Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Battery;

(d) 2nd/8th Australian light Anti-Aircraft Battery;

(e) 2nd/9th Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Battery.


5. Lt. Colonel J. W. Rhoden, ED., the original Commanding Officer

of the Regiment is elected a Life Member and Patron of  the




6. The Financial Year shall end on the 31st December.

7. The annual subscription to be determined by the Committee.

8. The Annual General Meeting, at which the Annual Balance

Sheet and Report shall be submitted, shall be held on the

Saturday prior to Anzac Day, excepting for those years when

Anzac Day falls on a Saturday, in which case the AGM and

Reunion will be held on the preceding Saturday.

Members may vote by proxy at any General Meeting, or may

appoint another member to attend to vote instead of the


9. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the

Executive, or where ten or more financial members make

written application accordingly to the President.

10. Five members shall constitute a quorum.

11. The affairs of the Association shall be controlled and

managed by a Committee consisting of:


Vice President



And up to six other members, all of which shall be elected at a General Meeting.

12. The Committee shall meet as it decides, three to constitute a

quorum, and at all General Meetings shall submit a report of

its activities since the previous General Meeting.

13. Nominations for Offices or Membership of the Committee shall

be in the hands of the Secretary seven days before the Annual

Meeting, and shall be properly seconded, as well as endorsed

by the nominee.


14. The Committee shall have the power to declare a vacancy on

the General Committee when a member has been absent

from three consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse,

and has the power to fill such vacancy at its discretion.

15. Any extraordinary vacancy on the Committee shall be filled by

an appointment made by the remaining members of the


16. A current account in the name of the Association shall be

opened with a convenient bank, such account to be operated

by the Treasurer, Secretary and President, former President

Lynton Rose and former Treasurer Ann Bragg, any two of

whom may sign the cheques and make endorsements on

behalf of the Association. All payments from the Association’s

funds shall be by cheque and all monies received on behalf of

the Association shall be paid into the bank within seven days.

Subscriptions received at a function organised by the

Committee may be applied directly to the caterer of the



17. Any alteration of, or addition to these rules may only be made

at a General Meeting, or at an Extraordinary General Meeting,

called for the purpose, provided notice of motion thereof has

been given at a previous Committee or General Meeting.

18. For interpretation of these rules, the standing orders of the

Returned and Service League of Australia shall be accepted .

19. In the event of a winding up, the funds of the Association shall

be handed equally to Legacy and the RSL Welfare Fund. No

member shall have any entitlement to the Association’s funds.

20. This Constitution is intended to be regarded as a “gentleman’s

agreement”, interpreted according to the spirit as well as the

letter of its provisions.