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2014 Annual General Meeting & Reunion

The 2014 Annual Reunion was held on the Saturday 19 April, and despite falling in the middle of the Easter holiday period, attracted 44 members, including 4 original Service members of the Regiment.

It is expected that the very large number of apologies from regular AGM attendees will be significantly reduced for the 2015 AGM which will be held on Saturday 18 April 2015 - two weeks AFTER the Easter holiday.

Original Service members in attendance were John Campbell (8th), Frank Hands (8th), John Marshall (7th), and Earle Webster (7th).

President Lynton Rose and Treasurer Ann Bragg announced their decision to step down from the Presidency and Treasurer's role respectively (although not from the Committee).

Similarly, Secretary Colin Bragg advised that he was seeking to reduce his responsibilities and was stepping down from the role of Secretary, but would continue as the Association Treasurer.

Anne Rae (daughter of former Secretary and President CJE (Cec) Rae) was elected to the position of President of the Association.

Malcolm Wrigglesworth (son of WA (Bill) Wrigglesworth) was elected to the position of Association Secretary.

Vice President Matthew Heddle and Association Research Officer David McDonald will continue in their current positions.

Ann Bragg, Graeme Heddle and Lynton Rose make up the balance of the Committee.